The History of the Firm

Barbalbero Aromatario is an artisan laboratory that produces natural cosmetics. It began as a company producing natural products for personal hygiene. These products are elaborated and prepared with total respect for the environment. The name of the company refers to Barbalbero, the oldest tree in the forest in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. This tree provided restorative lymph for the Hobbit. “Aromatario” refers to the descriptions that were used to identify herbs, plants and essences in the first University of Bologna in Italy (Alma Mater Studiorum), and the Aromatario is also mentioned on the ancient stone that was found on Mount Donato.
So, we like to think that ancestors watch over this production of ancient science mixed with modern formulas - ancestors that look remarkably like the present owners of the laboratory!

Pastello della pittrice Amalia Goffredo di Bologna

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