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The personal hygiene line includes creams, shower/bath foam, shampoo, lotions, perfumes, colonial water and various other products.
The recipes are taken from medieval recipes that have been updated by modern beauty science knowledge, in full respect of present day CEE guidelines.
The ingredients are chosen with meticulous care from raw material components of the highest quality.
Preference is given to organic or biodynamic vegetable products. The top quality essential oils are often used as antibacterial agents as well as conservatives.
Our active principles are oils obtained by macerating fresh plants in vegetable oil (almond oil, olive oil, rice oil, avocado oil etc.)
The fresh herbs used in the production of antique and indispensable aromatic waters, which were once commonly used in antique herb shops, are distilled in a flow of vapours.
Our products do not contain any synthetic elements, colorants, mineral oils, preservatives or artificial additives. Nor they do not contain any transgenic (OGM) products and have not been tested on animals either, also because there is no need to do that.
You can ask for our price list. It can be sent to you either in paper form or else you can download a pdf version from here.

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